My name is Paul David, I have worked in the Digital Industry for 11 years.  During that period of time I have worked as a Digital Manager, a Content specialist, a Network Sales Provider, a Media Planner, a Head of Media and a Head of Interactive.  I started in this industry keen to learn something new selling online advertising.  I quickly learned something new, if I did a good sales job, then brands would pay anything to reach my audience.  But generally the attention to the results was what I found interesting, it was minimal. I dealt with a lot of agencies over the course of 4 years and quickly discovered, it was the results of what I was doing which made me tick.

I took this proposition to an agency close to me, boldly I claimed to be interested in using digital to get the best results in campaigns and I thought I could do it better than the agencies I had been working with.  It took 3 interviews and a lot of late nights researching and finally I got a shot. So, I had landed myself a role as a Digital Planner, now I had to start to make campaigns work better for clients. We built results databases, we analysed campaigns end to end and we fed those results full circle and back into the planning.

My primary interest has always been in people, not digital but digital made it easier for me to understand people, I could watch developments and progress quickly and react. But change takes a long time from conception to birth and I have been in the belly of this conversation for 6 years now. The changing of the landscape and the way brands should work, engage and react to their consumers. This is still sat the horizon for a frightening amount of businesses.  It’s an area that I get extremely passionate about, my primary reason for working in marketing is that an experience has to make sense to a consumer, this is also why I moved sideways and out of media and into an interactive role – I wanted the whole pie!!

We all know that brands need to stop trying to tell consumers what they want them to do and focus on how and why the consumer should do anything with them.  So, when I look at the digital space and the great individuals who have been discussing this space for years, I want to get more involved. I have stood on the sidelines and just watched, for too long now, so now I have decided to become part of it and share my views.  I am definitely opinionated enough, whether that is useful to anyone, time will tell.


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