Consumer #VideoMarketing Challenges – Don’t leave the consumer feeling ‘You’ve Been Framed!’, how to drive intrigue and reach.

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So, the power of video – the wonders of video content, both on and offline.  A 15” second video can deliver a message quickly and succinctly a message which would take considerably longer to explain and demonstrate with words or diagrams, but how to optimise this space. Undoubtedly video is on everyone’s lips.  Brands are pushing TV Ads online and trying to drive the same ATL (Above the Line) approach to a digital audience who are highly sensitive to their viewing and digital consumption.

This post is going to take the form of 3 directions:

  • Consumer choice approach to Video Content, pre-roll
  • Opportunity with video content as engagement activity
  • If you build it they will come, (only if you are Jesus!)

This isn’t a new discussion point, so I’ll not dwell on all faculties of video.  Back in the day when digital planners were using video content there was a firm belief that video in particular pre-roll could be used because you had the consumers attention, they wanted to watch the content that was behind your pre-roll, therefor they were a lot more engaged with the content as there was an end in sight.  However with the huge growth in video content and 60-70% video content being consumed online, being short form content, the approach that we stood by 4-5 years ago now is becoming increasingly more frustrating to the consumer.

Pre-Roll Giving The Consumer Choice

YouTube have addressed the issue of irritating the consumer, as they are the driving force behind short form video with the availability of skippables and true view.  The thinking behind this was that advertisers now have 5 seconds to capture the attention of the consumer and if they fail to do that then the user has the option to skip the video. This should be the preferred method of pre-roll execution on short form video but it is still feared by brands who lack faith in their content (which is why brands need to ensure that video is optimised for the specific space and deemed as quality and/or entertaining content for the consumer).  Video holds considerable strength in engaging the consumer emotionally, TV advertising has been doing it for years but consumers expect a very different approach for digital.

What’s crucial is that the consumer feels that they are in control.  They are more likely to give a ‘brand’ opportunity if they feel that they can skip an Ad if it is not interesting to them. Brands which use pre-roll aggressively will continue to drive a wedge between digital video marketing and the consumer.

Opportunity with Video as an Engagement Activity

The second part of this post is about optimising video for the space, video content is generally expensive or time rich to produce and because of this the temptation is to push the same piece of content everywhere, TV and Digital, this can reinforce the brand but is it optimising and maximising the use of each space?

One of the latest editions for YouTube are the YouTube annotations, they are not available to all brands but have the potential to deliver a significantly stronger relationship with the consumer, than mirroring ATL content on your YouTube channel.  The YouTube annotation is an effective tool for creating videos that are engaging, interactive, informative and entertaining. Annotations can help advertisers to hold a dialogue with their viewers, call upon viewers to take action and get significantly higher levels of engagement.



The benefits are that annotations allow advertisers to create interactive videos and keep audiences engaged.  They can be linked to advertiser’s own websites off YouTube including Facebook and Twitter pages and can also provide dynamic content overlaid on a YouTube video.

The key features are the ability to add background information, create branching (chose your own adventure) stories or Add links to any YouTube video, channel or search results page – at any point in your video. The asset owner has control over creating and editing an unlimited number of annotations. This can all be done from the YouTube CMS, which can be combined with 3rd party click tracking.

Here is a video of the newest annotation styles:

If you build it they will come, (only if you are Jesus!)

Content is definitely key and good content will be found, however to accelerate the reach and performance paid media will support driving the content to the users to share. Using YouTube promoted videos for a concentrated period, video seeding partners and Facebook promoted posts will drive your content to audiences who are relevant for your brand and most likely to share the content.

YouTube Promoted video – Specific Targeting available for YouTube search, content type and the view will be recorded on the channel.  The Ad appears top right hand side of the page, it can be managed through Adwords and is paid for on a cost / click.

Video Seeding Network – Networks which are integrated with social media to drive organic sharing and push content to relevant users to share.

Facebook Page Post – Ads paid for on a cost / click or a cost / engagement which ensure that they appear in the news feeds of your followers and allow you to reach connections of your brand channel followers.

Twitter Promoted Tweet – Promoted tweet paid for on a cost  / engagement targeted to users relevant for your content.


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