Is Scaling Content User Focused?

Is Scaling Content User Focused? 

Scaling down content for tablets is a route which has been explored by many brands but is this quicker route to market, focused around the consumer?

Or is this a ‘brand’ centric approach. Developers designing for mobile devices have the edge in this space, as all content is designed for the platform.  Established brands already have the content, however the opportunity is around understanding the platform and taking the time to make your content relevant.  That will take longer than porting existing content but it will deliver a more relevant product for that space.

What are the consumer needs?

Mobile gaming has paved the way for this, proving that designing the game around the platform and not attempting to squeeze existing content onto a new platform has seen success and challenges in this space. The user experience is different and therefore the product should be designed around how the consumers need to consume on that platform.

Brands have existing content and the easy way to prove to portray that the company is operating in that space is to directly transfer onto the latest devices, however this has been largely unsuccessful and as a route to market, it is short term box ticking and not the route to long term success based on user centered design.

Does User Experience Feature Far Enough up the Chain?

Having not had the opportunity to use the ‘Surface‘ yet, so I must caveat my response.  But what I have read has mixed reviews.  On the ‘Surface’ (no pun intended) the modular screen looks extremely user friendly, but whether it is actually centered around the user is a question that many brands are asking and maybe more should be.


Earlier this week, Jacob Nielsen, a usability expert, penned a detailed post where he effectively panned nearly every aspect of Microsoft Windows 8 (s msft) from a usability perspective. And by panned, I mean completely ripped it apart. Nielson’s commentary was part of a study where 12 experienced Microsoft Windows users were observed while using the new Windows 8 operating system. And perhaps that’s part of the issue here as Windows 8 isn’t quite like any prior version of Windows at all.

Windows 8 Start ScreenI’m certainly not trying to defend Nielsen’s study, nor the experiences of the dozen participants. In fact, I’ve struggled with the new operating system on a Surface RT review unit and I have 15 years of hands-on I.T. experience in Fortune 100 companies that relied heavily on Windows. Plus I have some previous with experience Windows Phone, which has used a similar interface to that of Windows 8…

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